Ask For Permission

Whether we like it or not, it would be fair to say that society as a whole lives as a whole by a different set of standards. Particularly in the workplace, there are a slew of different rules that we must live by to respect those who we encounter.

Although it would be fair to say that sometimes this spills over into exaggeration and oversensitivity, I do believe that the way we comport ourselves with our players should be wholly respectful. This is particularly the case when it comes to physically touching those in our care.

It sometimes still is the case that a coach will physically force the player (sometimes quite strongly might I add) into desired movements or positions. Hands on elbows, shoulders and even hips are often seen as a necessary way for players to get desired feedback from the coach.

Although I don’t necessarily agree with this, if you believe that this is worthwhile for your player, I would strongly advise asking for permission before you do. Not in a written statement or anything but a simple…

“I’m just going to touch your shoulder here, if that’s okay?”

The chances that they refuse are slim to none and you avoid them feeling uncomfortable. 

Take care when working with your players. For your sake and theirs.


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