Better or Higher Profile?

Golf is obviously my passion but really I’m a lover of pretty much all sports. And although I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a complete obsessive about the sweet science, one sport that I have always followed from the wings has been boxing. 

Although programming and media productions in the world of boxing aren’t brilliant and are not my particular cup of tea, you can find little gems if you look hard enough. Which brings me onto this video from esteemed trainer Adam Booth.

Now, I haven’t always been a fan of Adam Booth but this retrospective of his life/career triggered something in me, particularly around the differentiation between being a good coach and a high-profile coach.

It is generally recognised in sport that the best coaches are the ones filling the highest profile roles and working with the best athletes. Ferguson, Guardiola, Jackson, Belicheck are generally considered some of the best coaches of all time and have obviously worked work with some of the best players within some of the best organisations of all time.

The same goes for golf. Harmon, Leadbetter and Haney are three names that will always come up when talking about the best coaches in the world, with all three, at one time or another, having worked with the most skilled players on the planet.

But what if our view on who is “the best” is  potentially too swayed by the high profile cases? What if some of the “best” coaches weren’t even coaches you’ve ever heard of?

I suppose with all of this it just depends how we define “Best?”

Coaching golf in schools
Coaching players with disabilities
Helping people enjoy their golf more
Helping their club stay afloat

These are not high-profile cases but unbelievably valuable are they not? 

I know Devil’s Advocate is definitely being played here but I do think it’s valid. Working with higher profile players brings with it it’s own stress: hours, attention, more at stake for you and the player etc. but the filp side isn’t exactly a cakewalk either. 

Giving 1000 school children access to golf or one player winning a major? 

It’s almost impossible to answer because they are two different things. And I suppose that’s the point. Each one of us will be motivated differently with different objectives within coaching. It might be working with the most skilled players in the world. It might not. It’s really in the eye of the beholder. If you do; great. If you don’t; don’t worry. In any case let’s do the work. Let’s be useful.

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