Poor Chipping vs Chipping Yips

There is a difference between poor chipping and the chipping yips.

If someone chips poorly, they do just that…chip poorly, and do so in pretty much any environment and situation.

Chipping yips is characterised by (amongst other things): inability to take the club back, knee buckle, jerk with the hands with this happening in any situation but is particularly the case in what the player would deem a “high pressure” situation.

Try not to confuse the two.

Make Your Voice Travel

Learn to make your voice travel. Especially in a group, it fills everyone with confidence that you are in control. If you sheepishly try, for instance, to bring the group together, players congregate slowly one by one and it’s not great. Make your voice travel

Work Goals

When we work with a player pretty much the first question that we ask them is “what would you like to get out of this?”

When it comes to pricing and the types of lessons we give, however, we basically just copy what everyone else is doing with no real goal. Imagine that

First Encounters of The Sport Kind

This made me nervous at the time and I still have mixed feelings about it. Overall, if in one of your first encounters you try to “bribe” it doesn’t set the best precedent moving forward and won’t align with the values that you’re probably looking to set

Pro Shop

For some coaches the services offered are hidden under the “Pro Shop” menu on the club/facility website. That is fine for people who are members at your club/facility but just know that for many others, particularly newcomers, they wouldn’t know that that would be the case nor would they probably know what a Pro Shop is.

Real Questions

Asking questions is obviously really good but if they are asked and then the replies are not considered or they are asked and then the answer that you always knew is given, it does nothing but make players feel like they’re not heard and, in the worst cases, feel like they’re being tested.

Many Ways…

A personal favourite of mine, especially with beginners who have been told to hold/swing it a certain way from their loved ones. Often a “lightbulb moment” from which they become much more comfortable in their own way of doing things


When you’re comparing players to the average just remember that it’s that: average