It’s very difficult for your players to think that your sessions are “too simple”.

It’s very easy for your players to think that your sessions are “too complicated”.

Make Them Feel Welcome

Such an underrated skill. Although for us it might just be another lesson or another golfer, for them it isn’t just another lesson. This is THE lesson. It may be their first, it may be their 100th whatever it is they are effectively opening themselves up. They are vulnerable. They have someone in close proximity eyeing their every move. Be sensitive to that.

It’s sometimes still shocking to hear,

“Sorry, I’m a bit nervous” or making excuses after poor shots but just remember that their discomfort is high. Of course for us we have seen every type of bad shot there is and we are not there to judge but they may feel that.

So, what to do to make them feel comfortable?

Again, it depends on who you’re working with but for the vast majority of people the best bet is to be empathetic. We know that golf is hard so put that across to them. 

Similarly, most people will feel self-conscious because they feel that what they are doing is “wrong” or abnormal. Let them know that this isn’t the case. When they hit a poor shot just stay on an even keel and let them know in no uncertain terms that you’ve seen a million shots like this, including from you!

Soon they’ll be feeling at ease and you can get on with the nitty gritty of the lesson.

Coaching On The Course

It can be a daunting task. There is something about the idea of them not getting their money’s worth.

But ignore it.

If our objective as coaches so often is either to improve the quality of shots or to improve the quality of score, it is absolutely essential to head out onto the course.

Amongst other things we are looking at: how the players read lies, do they know the distances for their clubs, can they read greens, do they understand wind, do they know the best place to miss etc,



There are so many things we have to consider before diving straight into technique that will affect their performance on the course.

Go onto the course (if you can).

Hitting It Better

I used to have a theory that people cared more about what their swing looked like more than actually what the ball did.

Early on in my coaching career I remember trying to say to people who I thought cared about the aesthetics, “Don’t worry, the swing looked good” even though the ball often wouldn’t go where they wanted.

But they did worry.

And they should have done.

With time you just realise that people pretty much ONLY care about where the ball goes and hitting it better.

If you get your players hitting it better, you can’t go too far wrong in this game.