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If I'm watching another coach, I primarily think that the session is "good" if I feel it is conducted in the right way. If it is well-prepared. If the coach is affable. If they ask good questions and are professional throughout. The information/content is almost secondary.
April 11, 2024/

Particularly for better players, if someone with a textbook swing plays well it's because of their swing. If someone with a non-textbook swing plays well it's because they've got "good hands."
April 2, 2024/

Even though most coaches say that the slice is the number 1 thing that we encounter on the lesson tee, I would say that poor contact far outweighs it. Most lessons I give are around getting someone to hit it better rather than helping someone to stop slicing it. If you can get someone hitting it better in this game, you won't go too far wrong.
April 1, 2024/

It's easy to be dismissive of "the little things". Little things like being early, having things prepared, looking good and finishing on time. But really "the little things" are "the big things".
March 28, 2024/

Guided discovery is not letting someone piss around and suffer whilst you stand back, knowing the answer that they're trying to figure out. True guided discovery is about creating environments, both physically and psychologically, that permit and encourage the player to find their own solution to the task at hand.
March 17, 2024/

We often get players say they miss very short putts. That they would rather have an 8 footer than a 3 footer. The answer is there straight away. The only thing that has changed from an 8 feet to a 3 feet putt, besides the distance, is the expectation that they should hole it and thus what they are thinking of/focusing on. If you can keep their mind away from the expectation and more on relevant aspects then this normally does the trick.
March 13, 2024/

It's always surprising the amount of golfers who think that the ball shot over the back of the green on a small approach shot was down to them hitting it too hard rather than them topping or thinning it. From there, it is very easy for them to shorten their swing/decelerate in order to not do it again. With this tactic in place, distance control basically goes completely out the window. It is up to us to make them aware of what different strikes feel like and the result on the ball so this doesn't become a real problem.
March 3, 2024/

The Issue isn't their grip. The Issue isn't that they sway. The Issue isn't that they didn't hold the lag. The Issue is that they hit it fat.
January 18, 2024/
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