Course Summary

Course: GCI Coaching Diploma

Course Duration: 1 academic year

Frequency: 2x90min session every 2 weeks

Modality: Online using Zoom and Slack

Makeup: Group and individual sessions with personal mentor

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By the end of this course you will:

  1. Have a clear idea as to who, how and when you want to coach as well as a plan for how to acheive it
  2. Know what to improve in your coaching and how to improve it
  3. Know how to earn more money in your own specific business

In More Detail...

  • Gain more professional freedom and a better work-life balance
  • The chance to learn from your classmates but also from your personal one on one sessions with your mentor
  • Give more effective golf lessons
  • Learn specific drills and exercises to implement
  • Attract more of the players that you want to coach and have them come back to you more often
  • Learn new ways to make passive income in your own business

Your Mentor

Alongide the 2×90 minute group sessions, as part of the GCI Full Diploma, you will have access to your own personal mentor who will help you through the process. 

In total you will have 6×1 hour personal video sessions with your mentor as well as contact via Slack and email.


All sessions are conducted online via Zoom meaning that you can study the GCI Full Diploma from any country in the world.

Although we encourage coaches to attend the online sessions, all lessons are uploaded to Slack alongside other useful materials


The GCI Full Diploma runs from September 2023 – June 2024

Applications will be processed and you will be informed of your enrolment on the course by no later than March 31st 2023

The application takes approximately 10 minutes to complete