The Golf Coach Institute

The Golf Coach Institute is a support system and educational resource for current and prospective coaches looking to hone their craft

Our Work/Our Pledge/What We Do

We work with coaches to …

  1. Coach who, when and how they want to coach
  2. Improve the quality of their coaching
  3. Earn more money through coaching

Our Values


We respect: the job, our players, other coaches, those who have gone before us but most importantly we respect YOU


No bravado. No sales pitches. Just openness and honesty about our experiences in the field. If something doesn't work, we won't tell you it will


We believe that coaching should be INDIVIDUALISED instead of GENERALISED and this extends to our work with you

Values That We Appreciate In Those Who We Work With


Hard Working

Takes Responsibility


Has High Standards



feels bad if a lesson doesn’t go well

Curious About What Makes A Good Coach

Free Of Heavy Bias


thinks a lot about coaching



Curious About Why Some Swings Work And Others Don’t


What Separates The Best Coaches

Learn more about what we think defines the best coaches in our free GCI E-Document

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  • Growing your business
  • Working on your own terms

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