I Love Coaching

I love coaching

Some of my most cherished memories as a child are of me in sports teams with coaches who I liked.

My favorite teachers at school were the sports coaches.

When I was around 19 or 20 I asked myself what job wouldn’t really feel like a job. The answer was golf coach.

I’m not a massive reader but the vast majority of the books I read are about coaching directly. The others are autobiographies (coaching is about people).

If I bet on a sporting event, I’ll bet on the team whose coach I like.

I read about coaches whose sports I have never played nor have any interest in.

If there is an interview with any coach in any sport on television, I will stop what I am doing and listen.

I don’t like lazy coaching.

I like coaches who care about their craft.

My favourite movie characters are the ones who possess characteristics that I find in the coaches (and people) I like (humble, not showy, loyal, proficient etc.) Think Del Toro in Sicario. Pacino in Carlito’s Way. Ryan Gosling in Drive.

I’ve started caring about film directors because a lot of what they do is similar to what we do.

I subscribe to 9 different golf podcasts and I only listen to the episodes that cover coaching.

If I ever go to tour events, I spend the majority of time on the range watching the coaches, figuring out what they’re saying and keeping an eye on who’s working with who.

On Youtube if there is a coach that I like then I will completely rinse their channel.

A few of my dearest friends are golf coaches and we often talk about golf coaching.


My Dad was a teacher and a coach and I wanted to be like him.
As we unfortunately drifted apart my role models became other teachers and coaches.

Coaching is in me.

I love it.

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