Try Stuff

Especially when it comes to marketing, just try stuff. Offer different types of lessons. Offer different ways to get in contact. Put some new courses out there. They’re all valuable.

Sometimes we get locked into trying to find the “right” course or “right” price or “right” way of working and it completely limits us, often ending up in us not putting anything out there at all. Let’s not worry so much about “right” and just get stuff out there. You have more or less Carte Blanche. If it doesn’t work and you get no takers, no harm no foul and just either eliminate it or adapt it and keep learning from it.

With time you’ll begin to see patterns and you’ll start to get the ideal combination of offering lessons you want to offer whilst bringing in the most amount of people at the right price point.

Are You Busy?

“Are you busy?”
“Keeping busy?”

My God. I must get asked if I’m busy at least every other day. And I’m guessing that if you’ve clicked on this piece that you know the feeling.

Being busy. For many, the litmus test for a coach to see if they’re any good. 

“Yeh big time!”
“Yeh everything’s going great!”
“Too much if anything!”

The litmus test.

Busy coach = good
Not busy coach = bad

Now I know for some people asking coaches if they’re busy almost doubles up as another way to say “hello”. Asking if we’re busy is almost the equivalent of saying,

“Lovely day today eh!”

They’re not looking for our life story. They just want filler.

“All good thank you” will do fine.

But for others, and in particular other coaches, asking if we’re busy is to check our proficiency. And it’s this that I sort of have a problem with.

I just don’t think being busy is a brilliant barometer for how proficient we are at coaching nor do I think it should be our dominant objective.

Look, a busy restaurant with a waiting list is normally a good sign. And yes, as a golf coach you would rather be too busy than too quiet but, and it’s a big but, should it hold so much relevance? Being so quiet that you’re desperate obviously isn’t great but being so busy that you’re constantly tired or you don’t spend precious time with loved ones surely isn’t either.

Nor do I think that we should be ashamed if we’re not busy. I know some brilliant coaches who are limited by how many clients they get by, amongst other things: location, how many other coaches at the facility, personal disposable income of those coming to the facility, coaching hours etc. Sometimes it’s a little bit out of our hands and it certainly doesn’t make us lesser coaches if we’re not. And, although to a certain extent one of the strings of our bow is that of salesmanship, we should not feel compelled to stretch the truth about our agenda either.

If you want to be really busy and give loads of lessons a day then that’s great. Honestly, it is. But for some it shouldn’t necessarily be the be all end all. Although it is reassuring to have a fuller diary, my own personal feeling is that we should worry about being “good” rather than being “busy”. Of course, if you’re “good” you’re probably more likely to be busy anyway but being good is achievable. We are in control of being good.

The best coaches are “good”, not necessarily “busy”.

You Have A Choice

You have a choice about where you work

You have a choice to leave that facility if you want to

You have a choice about who you coach

You have a choice about what types of lessons you offer

You have a choice to follow your players on the course from time to time

You have a choice about what language to use in lessons

You have a choice about how to solve any problem you have

You have a choice about how they solve any problem they might have

You have a choice about the subjects you broach

You have a choice about what drills or exercises to implement

You have a choice to make yourself better

You have a choice about if you want to work in the short term or long term

You have a choice about whether you want to work in the “time for money” paradigm

You have a choice about what you could potentially specialise in

You have a choice about how much you involve yourself

You have choices when it comes to coaching.