The Chalk T

A brilliant way for students to get visual feedback in their setup and impact. To set it up, stand to an imaginary golf ball with an alignment stick placed in between your feet. From there, with a piece of chalk, trace a line running along the alignment stick.

Then, turn the alignment stick so it is now parallel to the ball to target line and place it at the end of the vertical chalk line. Again, trace a chalk line along the alignment stick creating a “chalk T”.

You can then place the ball anywhere along the Chalk T depending on what you are looking to work on.


Clubface alignment, seemingly particularly the case with wedges, players will often struggle to align the clubface straight at address. By using the Chalk T, players can very easily line up the leading edge of the clubface with the vertical chalk line and also can use the horizontal line if needs be to get the feeling of aligning perpendicular to the target line.  Ground contact – probably the drill that gets used in my own lessons, by placing the ball ever so slightly before the vertical line, players get a visual representation of where they would like to hit the ground (after the ball) and if this objective is achieved, a thin coating of chalk will be left on the club.

Ball position – by placing the ball on the intersection of the two lines, players get instant feedback around their current ball position by using the vertical chalk line.

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